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Intuition is a phenomenon of the mind that describes the ability to acquire knowledge, without inference or the use of reason.

More frequently referred to as the “Sixth sense” or “Anthar Drushti”. Intuition is the inner mechanism of instinctively knowing something, without means of a logical thought process.

Everyone has experienced intuition in the form of what we call an inner voice, but the degree of intensity will vary dependent upon the level of ones consciousness.

According to William Duggan we have 3 levels of intuition. The first being ordinary intuition, which is a base level of instincts (as
found in animals). The second is expert intuition, which comes in the form of a trained response, and the third is received as a “flash of insight”.

As the consciousness of human beings increase, from basic animal instinct to intelligence and intuition, we can then live in a more conscious state of awareness. We are all evolutionary beings and at this point in our evolution, we are not fully developed in terms of intuitive communication and conscious awareness. So, you could say that living in a heightened intuitive state, is the ultimate aim of humanity.

Intuition is the basis of our connection to the esoteric and intuition stems from feelings that are generated by our heart centers.

All extra sensory abilities of psychic awareness, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. simulate at the heart center and it is only be knowing your own heart, that you can raise your consciousness through intuitive awareness.

Recently, scientists have discovered that the heart generates a powerful andmeasurable electromagnetic field that resonates frequencies interacting with the fields of others around us. Showing for certain that the heart is a much more complex organ than initially thought.

The heart is now considered to have the same characteristics as a functional brain, aiding the process of sensory information. Revealing that a subtle, yet influential energy-based communication system, operates just below our level of consciousness.

heart 1This is the first scientific evidence that proves our hearts have their own unique consciousness. Meaning that there is a communication highway between our hearts and our minds, as well as our hearts and the hearts of others.

For this reason, intuition is then accredited to the conscious perception and communication from the heart level. Shining new light on the expression always follow your heart. Continue Reading 5 Critical Reasons to Always Follow Your Heart

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