5 Harsh Yet Empowering Truths That Will Transform Your Life

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by Sofo Archon

There are some truths that can tremendously change the way we live. Sometimes, however, those truths can be very difficult to accept because they go against our psychological conditioning. But unless we realize and embrace them, we’ll live in a way that only brings negativity into our psyche.

Below are 5 such harsh yet empowering truths that can completely transform your life.

1. You can’t fulfill everyone’s expectations.

Most people care so much about the opinions that others have about them that they are continuously trying to live the way others want them to live. The reality, however, is that nobody can fulfill everyone’s expectations  — hence if you are one of those people, you will always disappoint others, and end up disappointed yourself. In addition, If you live the way others expect you to live, you’ll continuously suppress yourself, which is the sure way to fill yourself with toxic energy. From now on, stop trying to fulfill others’ expectations, and instead listen and follow what your inner voice is dictating you, and I assure you that your life will take a different — much more positive — direction.

2. The world doesn’t owe you anything.

Many times we think that the world is unfair to us and we put all the blame on it for the kind of life we are living. And although it is true that the society most of us have been brought up into is messed up, blaming people and conditions alone is never enough to actually change our lives and the world. The only way to actually bring positive change is to take responsibility in our hands and put conscious effort into creating a more beautiful life for ourselves and our fellow human beings.

3. Actions speak louder than words.

Plenty are those who preach a lot, but few those who practice what they preach. They talk theory but what they talk about is not reflected in any aspect of their way of living. And since what they talk about is not sprouting from their own understanding and experience, they can’t convey honesty and authority, and thus are unable to convince anybody with their opinions. Therefore, if you want to influence those around you, be sure to embody what you want to communicate.

4. You won’t change the world unless you change yourself.

Most people are trying to change the world, forgetting that they themselves are part of it. Indeed, the society we are living in is made up of people, and if we truly desire to change it, we should first change ourselves. In fact, once we change ourselves, the world will automatically change by itself.

5. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

We like to believe that we will live eternally, forgetting the immanence of physical death. The truth, however, is that life as we know it is impermanent — in a single moment, everything that belongs to us can be taken away from us. This truth might be harsh to hear, and sounds quite pessimistic, but actually it is not, since only by realizing and accepting death, can we appreciate the importance of life and desire to experience it to its fullest, reaping all the goodness it has to offer, without wasting a single moment of it.


Life is precious, but sometimes it can be tough. This is mainly due to the fact that we are clinging to beliefs and habits that are creating tremendous problems in our lives, not allowing us to live care-free and happy. The truths mentioned above, if properly understood, can empower us to remove the psychological barriers that prevent us from living this way, thus completely completely transform our lives.


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