10 Truths About Karma You Need to Know

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10 Truths About Karma You Need to Know

Karma in western culture is vastly misinterpreted. Here are 10 Truths About Karma You Need to Know:


  1. Karma Never Implies Judgement
  2. There is no “Instant Karma
  3. The purpose of understanding and believing in Karma is to prevent future suffering
  4. Karma can be changed
  5. Negative actions cause suffering. Positive actions lead to happiness
  6. An action is never wasted
  7. Understanding and believing in karma is a good way to eradicate the fire of anger
  8. When it comes to the results of an action our intention is very important
  9. It’s ok if we understand karma but can’t overcome our bad habits right away
  10. The gateway to enlightenment itself is the wisdom realizing karma.

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